Analyst Insight | Jun 22

The value of digital in digital health part 2: A market map

Digital Health and Wellness, Digital Transformation

Analyst Insight | Jun 22

GE adds renewables to its hybrid storage offerings, but with likely limited viable applications

Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, Solar

Company Profile | Jun 22


Developer of process to define a number of sub-cells on standard wafers


Company Profile | Jun 22

Plant PV

Low-silver-content BSF metalization paste

Energy Transition, Solar

Company Profile | Jun 22

Advonex International

Catalytically converts vegetable oils and waste oils into base oils, waxes, and mineral oil emollients

Alternative Fuels, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals

Company Profile | Jun 22

Universal Biopack

Cassava starch and bamboo -based biodegradable packaging with high heat resistance

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals

Company Profile | Jun 22


Optical fiber sensing for remote sensing and biomedical diagnostics

Digital Transformation, Sensors

Company Profile | Jun 22


Low-power MEMS microphones for smart home devices

Digital Transformation, Electronic User Interfaces, Intelligent Buildings, Sensors

Company Profile | Jun 22

Hillhouse Technology

Event-driven dynamic vision sensor and chipset

Autonomous Systems 2.0, Digital Transformation, Sensors

Company Profile | Jun 22


Developer of an indoor environment and water quality monitor

Digital Transformation, Intelligent Buildings, Sensors

Publication Date: Jun 26

Africa Soil Information Service

Agro Innovation, Food and Nutrition | Digital soil map of sub-Saharan Africa

Publication Date: Jun 26

Grubbly Farms

Agro Innovation, Food and Nutrition | Raising black soldier fly larva for animal feed

Publication Date: Jun 26

Descartes Labs

Agro Innovation, Industrial Internet of Things | Developing satellite imagery analysis platform for agricultural, energy, transportation, and government industries

Publication Date: Jun 26


Agro Innovation | Developing electrical weed-control systems

Publication Date: Jun 26


Publication Date: Jun 26

Resphera Biosciences

Agro Innovation, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals, Digital Health and Wellness, Food and Nutrition | Next-generation sequencing and data analysis services for microbiome samples

Publication Date: Jun 26


Autonomous Systems 2.0, Sensors | Solid state Lidar for autonomous vehicle

Publication Date: Jun 27

Ava Winery

Food and Nutrition | molecular engineering to synthetically recreate vintage wines

Publication Date: Jun 27


Publication Date: Jun 27

Hidoc Technologies

Digital Health and Wellness, Food and Nutrition | consumer-facing app for gastrointestinal symptoms with probiotic subscription

Publication Date: Jun 27


Digital Transformation, Materials Design and Manufacturing | Metal 3D printers utilizing ultrasonic welding

Publication Date: Jun 27


Alternative Fuels, Exploration and Production | Microchannel reactors and catalysts for small-scale liquid fuel production

Publication Date: Jun 27


Autonomous Systems 2.0, Materials Design and Manufacturing

Publication Date: Jun 27

G4 Insights

Alternative Fuels | Bio-methane from catalytic hydro-pyrolysis of cellulosic materials

Publication Date: Jun 27

Eclipse Energy Systems

Advanced Materials, Materials and Manufacturing, Sustainable Building Materials | Specialty optical coatings

Publication Date: Jun 28


Industrial Internet of Things | Smart wifi sensors and cloud applications to make factories smarter and improve production output

Publication Date: Jun 29


Distributed Generation, Intelligent Buildings | Home energy monitoring with electricity disaggregation

Publication Date: Jun 29

York Space Systems

Future Platforms | Modular platform for low-cost satellites

Publication Date: Jun 29



Publication Date: Jun 29


Digital Transformation, Water

Publication Date: Jun 29

CANDI Controls

Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent Buildings | Connectivity and device management solution for IoT in commercial buildings

Publication Date: Jun 29

Demand Logic

Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent Buildings | Cloud-based software with graphical representations of analysis on building energy and operations data

Publication Date: Jul 5

VionX Energy

Distributed Generation, Energy Storage

Publication Date: Jul 5

Corvus Energy

Energy Storage | Lithium-ion battery packs for marine and industrial applications

Publication Date: Jul 5

RealView Imaging

Digital Health and Wellness, Electronic User Interfaces | Developer of real time 3D interference-based, interactive holography for augmented reality applications

Publication Date: Jul 5

Samsung SDI

Energy Storage | Li-ion batteries for automotive, consumer electronics, and stationary applications

Publication Date: Jul 10

Cool Planet

Publication Date: Jul 10

Prolific Earth Sciences

Agro Innovation | Developing test kit to measure soil microbial biomass

Publication Date: Jul 11

3f Bio

Food and Nutrition | production of meat substitute from feed grain side stream

Publication Date: Jul 11

Natural Cuts

Food and Nutrition | shelf-stable cut produce

Publication Date: Aug 8

Temperature Sensitive Solutions

Publication Date: Aug 8


Interview Date: Sep 1

HolCo, Inc.

Nanotechnology | Technical validation of software

Publication Date: Feb 1

Dongguan Baode Biological Engineering

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