Analyst Insight | Apr 21

Medtronic partners with Garmin, but still remains far behind Philips

Digital Transformation, Wearable Electronics

Company Profile | Apr 21

Komodo Technology

Activity-monitoring compression sleeve

Digital Health and Wellness, Digital Transformation, Wearable Electronics

Company Profile | Apr 20

Resin Products & Technology

Compounder of high-performance thermoplastic adhesives and structural materials

Advanced Materials

Company Profile | Apr 20

iGlass Technology

Electrochromic film for buildings

Advanced Materials, Sustainable Building Materials

State of the Market Report | Apr 20

Electric Vehicles Won’t Save Automotive Carbon Fiber

Automotive adoption is a huge focus for the carbon fiber industry today, and many regard EVs as an important long-term market for carbon fiber. In this report, Lux asks: Will EVs require substantial amounts of carbon fiber? By modeling the cost effectiveness of lightweighting as a tool to increase EV range we find that carbon fiber is not needed for long range EVs.

Advanced Materials, Energy Storage, Materials and Manufacturing

Company Profile | Apr 20

Radar Technologies International

Integrating multiple remote sensing and ground truth data to locate underground water, mineral, oil, and gas reserves

Exploration and Production, Water

Publication Date: Apr 26

Sion Power

Energy Storage | Li-ion and Li-sulfur batteries using metallic Li anodes

Publication Date: Apr 27


Sensors | Real-time odor monitoring platform

Publication Date: Apr 27


Electronic User Interfaces, Sensors | Conductive copper ink for printed electronics

Publication Date: Apr 27


Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things | Analytics platform for equipment prognostics and predictive maintenance

Publication Date: Apr 27

American Thermal Instruments

Sensors | Temperature labels and dataloggers

Publication Date: Apr 27

Ecovia Renewables

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Produces bulk and specialty chemicals via fermentation

Publication Date: May 1


Agro Innovation, Digital Transformation, Sensors | Provides SaaS solution for sugarcane and soybean crops powered by data captured using proprietary hyperspectral sensor

Publication Date: May 2

Taulman 3D

Advanced Materials, Digital Transformation, Materials and Manufacturing, Materials Design and Manufacturing, Nanotechnology

Publication Date: May 2

Carbon Clean Solutions

Alternative Fuels | Novel solvent for CO2 capture from flue gases

Publication Date: May 2

Vadxx Energy

Alternative Fuels | Pyrolysis of non-recyclable plastics into diesel, naphthalene, and wax

Publication Date: May 2

Standard Alcohol

Alternative Fuels | GTL catalysts for conversion of syngas to mixed alcohols

Publication Date: May 2


Agro Innovation, Food and Nutrition | Automated production of nutrient dense micro-vegetable, Khai-Nam

Publication Date: May 4



Publication Date: May 4

AdEdge Water Technologies


Publication Date: May 4

BDP EnviroTech


Publication Date: May 4


Water | High flux nanoporous ceramic membranes for advanced separations

Publication Date: May 18



Publication Date: May 18



Publication Date: May 29


Agro Innovation, Food and Nutrition

Publication Date: Jun 8


Sensors | Smart sensor-based system for facility management

Interview Date: Sep 1

HolCo, Inc.

Nanotechnology | Technical validation of software

Publication Date: Feb 1

Dongguan Baode Biological Engineering

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