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Understanding the Market Opportunity for Metamaterials

Coverage Areas: Accelerating Materials Innovation More...

Planned Publication Date: June 2019

In the past four years, understanding of metamaterials has dramatically improved, and novel manufacturing techniques have become more mature. With the demand from communication and other sectors, metamaterials are on the cusp of commercialization. This report will identify key innovations and obstacles, and begin to quantify the market opportunity around metamaterials.

Synbio Partnership Landscape

Coverage Areas: Accelerating Materials Innovation More...

Planned Publication Date: July 2019

This report will map the synthetic biology partnership landscape to identify where current opportunities exist for partnering.

Energy Storage Market Size: 2019 Edition

Coverage Areas: Energy Storage More...

Planned Publication Date: July 2019

This report will quantify the growing market for energy storage, developing market forecasts to project the adoption of energy storage across transportation, consumer electronics, and stationary sectors.

Crude to chemicals: Bridging the gap between crude refining and petrochemicals

Coverage Areas: Owning the Energy Transition

Planned Publication Date: July 2019

The interest in crude-to-chemicals has rapidly grown in recent years with multiple integrated oil companies moving further into the downstream value chain. This report offers a landscape for the process, answering three questions: The various technologies C2C comprises of, the chemicals that can be produced, and the economics associated with the process.

New business models emerge in the agrichemical industry

Coverage Areas: Agro Innovation More...

Planned Publication Date: July 2019

Digital transformation is occurring across commercial industries and a similar transformation is emerging in the agrichemical sector. Currently 90% of growers receive inputs directly from agrichemical manufacturer/distributors that apply traditional business to business (B2B) models, but digital transformation provides the opportunity to relieve pain points from the B2B model; for example, enabling product performance comparisons, decreasing transaction speed, and enabling data driven product selection and recommendation. We will walk through the current market trends and landscape of this digital transformation, discuss emerging E-commerce business models, and provide insight regarding the digital future of the agrichemical industry.

The Digital Transformation of Industries

Coverage Areas: Digital Transformation

Planned Publication Date: July 2019

The digital transformation provides a launching point for digital-native companies to establish themselves in the physical industries. Incumbents need to anticipate how this change will impact their industry and act on the threats that they face. We create a framework for understanding the digital transformation of an industry, which identifies six core outcomes that digital transformation achieves in any application: uncover invisible insights, predict the future, optimize, upskill humans, make information accessible, and automate. We also discuss how digital use cases, tools, and outcomes are typically lateral across industries, and thus how learnings from one industry can translate to another.

Asia's Future City

Coverage Areas: Digital Transformation More...

Planned Publication Date: July 2019

Asia's rising urbanization presents numerous opportunities for bleeding edge technology deployment. However, at the same time, lack of traditional infrastructure and a variety of problems from traffic congestion and pollution, will only be amplified as droves of people migrate into cities. While most nations plan to address the immediate needs, several have futuristic aspirations for developing digital societies in a future city. In this report, we analyze the key technologies that will address the demands of Asia's future city as well as highlight the key innovators developing them domestically. 

Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector: Power-to-Chemicals

Coverage Areas: Accelerating Materials Innovation More...

Planned Publication Date: July 2019

In our recently-published "Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector" report, we introduced electrochemical conversion as a key technology that will allow the chemical industry to decarbonize its operations by replacing fossil-based feedstock with low-carbon alternatives produced from renewable electricity. In this report, we will look at the cost of electrifying key industrial processes, including but not limited to methanol production and ammonia synthesis, as well as the regulatory framework support needed to support the adoption of electrochemical technologies in the industrial sector.

Industrial Power Symbiosis: Finding Cost-Effective Cases for On-Site Power Generation

Coverage Areas: Future Grid More...

Planned Publication Date: August 2019

When and how will industrial customers of electricity find it most cost-effective to source their own electricity from on-site generators? This report will match power generation technologies with the industries that can benefit from their use and secondary benefits, such as heat and hydrogen production.

Partnership Opportunities in Polymer 3D Printing

Coverage Areas: Accelerating Materials Innovation More...

Planned Publication Date: Q3 2019

The polymer 3D printing space is becoming more fragmented with hundreds of start-ups, various materials, material form factors, and involvement of large corporations and service bureaus. What is the nature of the polymer 3D printing value chain? How is the partnership network evolving? And, what are the partnerships opportunities in the polymer 3D printing value chain?