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Publication Date: Aug 22


Advanced Materials, Digital Transformation, Materials, Materials Design and Manufacturing | Nanostructured steel alloys and 3D printable metal powders

Publication Date: Aug 22


Materials and Manufacturing, Materials Design and Manufacturing | Contract manufacturer for plastic and metal parts

Publication Date: Aug 22


Corporate Strategic Intelligence: Chemicals and Materials, Food and Nutrition, Materials | Producer of flavors, fragrances, and colors

Publication Date: Aug 22

Clean Carbon Conversion

Alternative Fuels | High temperature pyrolysis for conversion of waste materials into syngas

Publication Date: Aug 22


Agro Innovation, Food and Nutrition

Publication Date: Aug 22

Cosine Additive

Digital Transformation, Materials, Materials and Manufacturing, Materials Design and Manufacturing | Large-format FFF 3D printers using filament and pellet feedstock

Publication Date: Aug 23

Diamond IO

Industrial Big Data and Analytics | single access point to access all cloud storage, email, and personal device data

Publication Date: Aug 23

3D Glass Solutions

Advanced Materials, Materials and Manufacturing | OEM provider of glass-based devices and systems

Publication Date: Aug 23

Houston Mechatronics

Autonomous Systems 2.0, Digital Transformation | Robotics system developers for harsh and unstructured environments

Publication Date: Aug 23


Autonomous Systems 2.0, Sensors | Real-time condition monitoring sensor solution for drone platforms

Publication Date: Aug 23


Digital Transformation, Industrial Big Data and Analytics | Cloud-based HPC simulation platform

Publication Date: Aug 24


Digital Transformation, Energy Transition, Industrial Internet of Things, Water | End-to-end water consumption monitoring and management for commercial and industrial applications

Publication Date: Aug 24



Publication Date: Aug 24


Digital Health and Wellness, Food and Nutrition | Personalized diet and nutrition recommendations based on microbiome analysis

Publication Date: Aug 24


Advanced Materials, Materials and Manufacturing | Liquid repellent and liquid attractant coatings

Publication Date: Aug 24


Digital Health and Wellness, Intelligent Buildings | Senior monitoring platform for in-home care using proprietary sensing hardware

Publication Date: Aug 24


Digital Health and Wellness | Smart mattress and mattress cover for sleep monitoring

Publication Date: Aug 24


Advanced Materials, Food, Health, and Wellness, Materials | Liquid-infused coatings

Publication Date: Aug 24


Industrial Internet of Things | Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) software and services

Publication Date: Aug 24


Advanced Materials, Coatings, Digital Transformation, Food, Health, and Wellness, Materials, Materials and Manufacturing | Waterproof barriers for internal electronics components

Publication Date: Aug 24

Specialty Materials, Inc.

Advanced Materials, Materials and Manufacturing | Boron and silicon carbide fibers and boron nanopowder

Publication Date: Aug 24


Distributed Generation, Future Grid | Microgrid simulation, installation, and management

Publication Date: Aug 24


Water | Osmotically assisted reverse osmosis for brine concentration and wastewater reuse applications

Publication Date: Aug 24

Terso Solutions

Digital Health and Wellness, Industrial Internet of Things | RFID enabled inventory management solution for healthcare and life sciences

Publication Date: Aug 24

Ambi Labs

Digital Transformation, Intelligent Buildings, Sensors

Publication Date: Aug 30


Energy Storage | System integrator for stationary and mobile applications using third-party Li-ion cells

Publication Date: Aug 30

Amber Kinetics

Publication Date: Sep 4

Conelum Biotech LLC

Food and Nutrition | Microbiological diagnostic tests targeting food safety and water quality

Publication Date: Sep 5

Oxford Performance Materials

Digital Transformation, Food, Health, and Wellness, Materials, Materials and Manufacturing, Materials Design and Manufacturing | PEKK parts for aerospace and medical applications

Publication Date: Sep 7


Publication Date: Sep 7

Lys Technologies

Digital Health and Wellness, Wearable Electronics

Publication Date: Sep 7


Industrial Internet of Things

Publication Date: Sep 7


Industrial Internet of Things | Sensor-driven tracking solutions for supply chain

Publication Date: Sep 13

Eos Energy Storage

Energy Storage, Energy Transition | Zinc hybrid cathode batteries for grid storage

Publication Date: Sep 21

FogHorn Systems

Publication Date: Oct 4


Agro Innovation, Industrial Big Data and Analytics, Industrial Internet of Things | Developing agronomic farm management system for greenhouse and fruit and vegetable row crops

Publication Date: Oct 5


Publication Date: Oct 12

eWind Solutions

Distributed Generation, Next Generation Power | Airborne wind energy with tethered ground power generation

Interview Date: Sep 1

HolCo, Inc.

Nanotechnology | Technical validation of software

Publication Date: Feb 1

Dongguan Baode Biological Engineering

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