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Publication Date: Dec 13


Autonomous Systems 2.0, Digital Transformation | Hardware and software suite for developers of autonomous driving technology

Publication Date: Dec 13


Autonomous Systems 2.0, Sensors | Low-cost lidar and sensor fusion platform

Publication Date: Dec 13


Autonomous Systems 2.0, Sensors | Frequency-modulated continuous-wave lidar

Publication Date: Dec 14


Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things | Cloud-based platform for provisioning and updating IoT devices

Publication Date: Dec 14


Accelerating Materials Innovation, Advanced Materials, Materials and Manufacturing | Non-destructive testing for CFRP fiber defects, thin films, and low and high conductive boundary layers

Publication Date: Dec 14

Saape Designs

Industrial Internet of Things, Sensors | Provider of IoT software and hardware

Interview Date: Dec 21


Digital Health and Wellness, Food and Nutrition, Wearable Electronics | Mobile app that integrates with health data to recommend nutrition supplements

Publication Date: Dec 14

Nostromo Energy

Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, Future Grid | Ice-based thermal energy storage for pairing with HVAC

Publication Date: Dec 14


Accelerating Materials Innovation, Advanced Materials, Coatings, Digital Transformation, Materials and Manufacturing, Nanotechnology | Develops and sells functionalized nanomaterials and SiC fiber additives

Publication Date: Dec 14


Owning the Energy Transition, Water

Publication Date: Dec 14


Industrial Internet of Things | Low-bandwidth satellite network provider

Publication Date: Dec 14


Distributed Generation, Future Grid | Energy management and analytics platform for commercial buildings

Publication Date: Dec 14


Distributed Generation, Future Grid | Energy management solution with smart home control and solar optimization capabilities

Publication Date: Dec 14


Distributed Generation, Future Grid | Supplier of demand response, energy purchasing, and energy efficiency programs

Publication Date: Dec 14


Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things | Rugged embedded hardware and integration platform for the Internet of Things

Publication Date: Dec 14

CMS Innovations

Owning the Energy Transition, Water

Publication Date: Dec 14


Industrial Internet of Things | M2M asset tracking and monitoring platform

Publication Date: Dec 14

Blue Foot Membranes

Water | Backwashable flat sheet membrane for improved fouling control

Publication Date: Dec 15


Electronic User Interfaces, Industrial Big Data and Analytics, Industrial Internet of Things, Wearable Electronics

Publication Date: Dec 15


Wearable Electronics | Wearable devices and networking for live streaming POV video from players in elite sporting events

Publication Date: Dec 15

Fisher Wallace

Digital Health and Wellness, Wearable Electronics | Wearable electro-stimulation devices for treatment of depression and anxiety

Publication Date: Jan 2

Autonomous Manufacturing

Materials and Manufacturing, Materials Design and Manufacturing | Software for 3D Printing workflow optimization

Publication Date: Jan 3


Energy Storage | Wireless charging systems using ultrasonic beams

Publication Date: Jan 3

BroadBit Batteries

Energy Storage | Sodium-based batteries with a metallic sodium anode and a sodium chloride cathode

Publication Date: Jan 3


Energy Storage, Owning the Energy Transition | Sodium-ion batteries for low-cost stationary and mobility applications

Publication Date: Jan 3

Printed Energy

Energy Storage, Owning the Energy Transition, Solar | Thin-film batteries for solar-plus-storage applications

Publication Date: Jan 4

Infrastructure Networks

Digital Transformation, Exploration and Production, Industrial Internet of Things, Owning the Energy Transition | Wireless services and products for the oil and gas industry

Publication Date: Jan 8


Consumer Choices in Food, Health, and Wellness, Food and Nutrition | Food particle technology allowing perceived sweetness enhancement of sugars

Publication Date: Jan 8


Consumer Choices in Food, Health, and Wellness, Food and Nutrition | Fungi-based food processing technology

Publication Date: Jan 9

Paperless Parts

Materials Design and Manufacturing | Cost quoting software for the additive manufacturing marketplace

Publication Date: Jan 11


Accelerating Materials Innovation, Owning the Energy Transition, Water

Publication Date: Jan 18

Quantico Energy Solutions

Owning the Energy Transition

Publication Date: Jan 31


Energy Storage, Owning the Energy Transition | System integrator for stationary and mobile applications using third-party Li-ion cells

Interview Date: Sep 1

HolCo, Inc.

Nanotechnology | Technical validation of software

Publication Date: Feb 1

Dongguan Baode Biological Engineering

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