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Publication Date: Nov 22


Energy Storage | Simple battery monitoring system for industrial applications

Publication Date: Nov 22


Electronic User Interfaces, Industrial Big Data and Analytics | Offers a software platform that enables intelligent visual support

Publication Date: Nov 22

3D Nano Batteries

Advanced Materials, Energy Storage | Carbon foams for Li-ion battery anodes

Publication Date: Nov 22

Ion Storage Systems

Energy Storage | Inorganic solid-state batteries with oxide-based electrolyte

Publication Date: Nov 23


Autonomous Systems 2.0, Sensors | Designs and builds cloud 3D reconstruction software to create 3D models

Interview Date: Nov 23

General Fusion

Next Generation Power | Fusion reactor powered by synchronized pistons

Publication Date: Nov 23

Natural Fiber Welding

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Welds natural fibers by redistributing intermolecular forces

Publication Date: Nov 23

Instrumental Polymer Technologies

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Producing branched and dendrimeric aliphatic polycarbonate polyols

Publication Date: Nov 23


Exploration and Production, Industrial Big Data and Analytics | Digital twins for onshore oil and gas plays

Publication Date: Nov 23

Fracture ID

Exploration and Production | Drillbit geomechanics for well optimization

Publication Date: Nov 23

Exciter Energy

Exploration and Production | Environmentally friendly drilling rig

Publication Date: Nov 23


Exploration and Production | Helps oil and gas operators find where to drill within a field

Publication Date: Nov 23

Mangrove Water Technologies

Exploration and Production, Water | Distributed chemical manufacturing facility using waste as feedstock

Publication Date: Nov 27


Food and Nutrition, Sensors | Electronic nose (e-nose) for foodborne pathogen detection

Publication Date: Nov 27


Agro Innovation | Developing biopesticides from entomopathic fungi

Publication Date: Nov 27


Food and Nutrition | Ultraviolet-based pasteurization technology

Publication Date: Nov 27


Agro Innovation | Farm management software platform

Publication Date: Nov 27


Agro Innovation, Sensors | Dairy cow health detection platform powered by ingestible rumen sensor

Publication Date: Nov 27


Agro Innovation | Developing oral aquaculture vaccine from modified algae

Publication Date: Nov 28


Materials and Manufacturing, Materials Design and Manufacturing | Simulation and predictive analysis software for metal 3D printing

Publication Date: Nov 28


Publication Date: Nov 28


Publication Date: Nov 29


Autonomous Systems 2.0

Publication Date: Nov 30


Distributed Generation, Future Grid, Industrial Internet of Things | Software platform for wind farm operation management

Publication Date: Dec 6


Energy Storage

Interview Date: Dec 6

LeydenJar Technologies

Energy Storage | Developer and supplier of silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries

Publication Date: Dec 6


Energy Storage, Future Grid | Energy management system and distributed energy resource project development

Publication Date: Dec 7

Two Pore Guys

Agro Innovation, Digital Health and Wellness, Food and Nutrition, Sensors | Hand-held, low cost, single molecule biosensor

Publication Date: Dec 7

Amphibious Energy

Exploration and Production | Wind turbines for offshore oil rigs

Publication Date: Dec 7


Exploration and Production, Water

Publication Date: Dec 11


Agro Innovation | Online mobile application aiding contract negotiation and communication between grain elevators and farmers

Publication Date: Dec 14

CMS Innovations


Publication Date: Jan 3

BroadBit Batteries

Energy Storage | Sodium-based batteries with a metallic sodium anode

Publication Date: Jan 9

Paperless Parts

Materials Design and Manufacturing | Cost quoting software for the additive manufacturing marketplace

Publication Date: Jan 31


Energy Storage | System integrator for stationary and mobile applications using third-party Li-ion cells

Interview Date: Sep 1

HolCo, Inc.

Nanotechnology | Technical validation of software

Publication Date: Feb 1

Dongguan Baode Biological Engineering

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