Company Profile | Jul 25

Natural Cuts

Shelf-stable cut produce

Food and Nutrition

Analyst Insight | Jul 25

Replacing sugar: More than just sweet

Food and Nutrition, Food, Health, and Wellness

Company Profile | Jul 25

Euglena Co

Algae for functional food, cosmetics, animal feed, and drop-in fuels production

Agro Innovation, Alternative Fuels, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals, Food and Nutrition

Company Profile | Jul 25

Primus Green Energy

Catalytic conversion of syngas to methanol and gasoline

Alternative Fuels, Exploration and Production

Company Profile | Jul 24


Water-absorbent polymer soil amendment

Agro Innovation

Company Profile | Jul 24

Metabolic Robots

Automated chicken feeding robot control systems

Agro Innovation, Autonomous Systems 2.0, Digital Transformation

Publication Date: Jul 27


Digital Health and Wellness, Wearable Electronics | EEG monitoring headband for improved sleep

Publication Date: Jul 27


Digital Health and Wellness, Wearable Electronics | Insoles with embedded pressure and motion sensors for gait analysis

Publication Date: Jul 27


Advanced Materials, Digital Transformation, Electronic User Interfaces, Sustainable Building Materials | Transparency-changing films

Publication Date: Jul 27


Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent Buildings, Sensors | Telecommunications, collaboration software, and communication connectivity for field operations and maintenance

Publication Date: Jul 27

Quality Circular Polymers

Advanced Materials, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals, Materials and Manufacturing | Recycled HDPE and PP

Publication Date: Jul 27


Distributed Generation, Intelligent Buildings, Sensors | Digital DC power distribution

Publication Date: Jul 27


Digital Transformation, Water | Sensor networks and real time modelling for water infrastructure management

Publication Date: Jul 27


Advanced Materials, Materials and Manufacturing | Solvolysis process to recycle carbon fiber intact from prepregs

Publication Date: Jul 27


Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things | Subscription-based low-bandwidth, low-power, wide-area networks for sensors and IoT devices

Publication Date: Jul 27

SilverCloud Health

Digital Health and Wellness | Digital mental health therapy programs

Publication Date: Jul 27


Industrial Internet of Things | A service that provides reports on when machines will malfunction

Interview Date: Jul 27


Distributed Generation, Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent Buildings | Building HVAC demand management for C&I applications

Publication Date: Jul 27


Water | Produces "activated water" with improved physical and biological properties using special ceramic ores

Publication Date: Jul 27

Dropwise Technologies

Advanced Materials, Coatings, Materials and Manufacturing, Water | Functionalized coatings for heat exchangers, membranes, and oil and gas

Publication Date: Jul 28

Zunum Aero

Digital Transformation, Energy Storage, Future Platforms | Developing hybrid- and all-electric passenger aircraft

Publication Date: Jul 28

Vibrado Technologies

Digital Health and Wellness, Wearable Electronics | Sensor embedded garment for real time biomechanical analysis

Publication Date: Jul 28


Publication Date: Aug 2


Energy Storage | Lithium-ion batteries for transportation and stationary storage

Publication Date: Aug 2


Energy Storage | Grid-scale, large-format battery with liquid anode, cathode, and electrolyte

Publication Date: Aug 2


Autonomous Systems 2.0 | Autonomous vehicle simulation software

Publication Date: Aug 2


Energy Storage | Wireless power and energy management for industrial robots

Publication Date: Aug 3


Industrial Internet of Things, Sensors | a real-time monitoring service that provides diagnostics and service alerts

Publication Date: Aug 3

Tigo Energy

Solar | DC/DC optimizer and software developer

Publication Date: Aug 3


Industrial Internet of Things | LoRaWAN for IoT Applications

Publication Date: Aug 7

One Codex

Agro Innovation, Digital Health and Wellness, Food and Nutrition, Food, Health, and Wellness | Bioinformatics platform for microbial genomics, focused on taxonomic analysis

Publication Date: Aug 7

OnFarm Systems

Agro Innovation, Industrial Internet of Things | Data aggregation and analysis platform focusing on irrigation guidance for specialty crop farmers

Publication Date: Aug 7

Groundwork BioAg

Agro Innovation | Mycorrhizal inoculants in diverse formulations

Publication Date: Aug 8

Temperature Sensitive Solutions

Publication Date: Aug 8


Publication Date: Aug 8

Dioxide Materials

Alternative Fuels, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Develops catalysts for electrochemical conversion of CO2 into fuels and chemicals

Publication Date: Aug 10

Equota Energy

Alternative Fuels, Distributed Generation, Intelligent Buildings | Building energy management and optimization with carbon credits

Publication Date: Aug 10

HoneyCo Homes

Digital Health and Wellness, Intelligent Buildings | Smart homes for aging in place

Publication Date: Aug 10


Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent Buildings | Building energy monitoring and diagnostic system for facilities managers of commercial office space

Publication Date: Aug 10


Digital Health and Wellness, Sensors | Portable air quality monitoring device

Publication Date: Aug 17

Ambi Labs

Digital Transformation

Publication Date: Aug 17

First Sensor

Publication Date: Aug 24


Publication Date: Aug 30


Energy Storage

Publication Date: Aug 31


Distributed Generation, Solar | Rectenna radio-frequency energy harvesting

Publication Date: Sep 4

Conelum Biotech LLC

Food and Nutrition, Food, Health, and Wellness | Microbiological diagnostic tests targeting food safety and water quality

Publication Date: Sep 7


Interview Date: Sep 1

HolCo, Inc.

Nanotechnology | Technical validation of software

Publication Date: Feb 1

Dongguan Baode Biological Engineering

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