Company Profile | May 25


Continuous, closed-loop algae cultivation for algal oil production

Alternative Fuels, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals, Food and Nutrition

Company Profile | May 25


3D ultrasound sensor systems

Digital Transformation, Sensors

Analyst Insight | May 25

The FDA's new Digital Health unit: An interview with an insider

Digital Health and Wellness, Digital Transformation

Analyst Insight | May 25

A new level of user interface? Controlling a robot using only the eyes

Autonomous Systems 2.0, Digital Transformation, Electronic User Interfaces, Industrial Big Data and Analytics

Company Profile | May 25

Pixelligent Technologies

Developer and manufacturer of optical materials in solid-state lighting, flat panel displays, and optical components

Advanced Materials, Digital Transformation, Electronic User Interfaces

Company Profile | May 24

Forge Nano

Develops atomic layer deposition-based coatings with applications in batteries

Energy Storage

Company Profile | May 24


Li-ion battery manufacturer

Energy Storage

Company Profile | May 24


Li-ion batteries with silicon anodes and ionic liquid electrolyte

Energy Storage

Publication Date: May 31

Veo Robotics

Autonomous Systems 2.0 | Safety retrofitting by 3D imaging for industrial robots

Publication Date: Jun 1

Enchanted Rock

Distributed Generation | Diesel and natural gas generation for backup power and grid services

Publication Date: Jun 1

Trimble Water

Industrial Internet of Things, Water | Comprehensive IoT and smart water monitoring and management platform

Publication Date: Jun 1

SmartCover Systems

Water | Real-time, self-contained monitoring system for water and wastewater infrastructure

Publication Date: Jun 1

IsoTruss Industries LLC

Advanced Materials | Carbon fiber composite truss structure for cell tower and utility pole application

Publication Date: Jun 1


Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent Buildings | Software-as-a-service (SaaS) for HVAC optimization and demand response

Publication Date: Jun 1


Distributed Generation | Queued appliance electricity usage for energy savings

Publication Date: Jun 1

EnTouch Controls

Digital Transformation, Distributed Generation, Industrial Internet of Things, Intelligent Buildings | Energy monitoring and management platform for light commercial buildings

Publication Date: Jun 1

Aceto Corporation

Corporate Strategic Intelligence: Chemicals and Materials | Specialty Chemicals, Agriculture and Health

Publication Date: Jun 7


Industrial Internet of Things

Publication Date: Jun 7

PolyPlus Battery

Energy Storage

Publication Date: Jun 8


Sensors | Smart sensor-based system for facility management

Publication Date: Jun 8

Plant PV

Publication Date: Jun 9


Digital Health and Wellness | Tampon saturation monitoring clip

Publication Date: Jun 9

Multisensor Diagnostics

Digital Health and Wellness | Hand-held device for rapid, non-invasive health assessment

Publication Date: Jun 12


Agro Innovation, Food and Nutrition | Bacteriophage-based technologies targeting food safety, nutraceutical, animal health, and human therapeutic industries

Publication Date: Jun 12


Agro Innovation | Satellite imagery-based farm management software targeting medium to large row crop farms

Publication Date: Jun 22


Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Produces bio-based succinic acid and derivatives via fermentation

Interview Date: Sep 1

HolCo, Inc.

Nanotechnology | Technical validation of software

Publication Date: Feb 1

Dongguan Baode Biological Engineering

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