Company Profile | Apr 18


Large-area fused filament fabrication 3D printer developer

Digital Transformation, Materials Design and Manufacturing

Company Profile | Apr 18

NextFoods, Inc.

Producer of GoodBelly, a probiotic beverage

Food and Nutrition

Company Profile | Apr 18


Direct skin microbiome modulation for acne

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals, Food and Nutrition

Company Profile | Apr 18


Rapid DNA testing for food authentication

Food and Nutrition

Analyst Insight | Apr 18

Why it’s important that you can “Take a ride in a Self-Driving Uber” now (or soon)

Autonomous Systems 2.0, Digital Transformation, Future Platforms

Company Profile | Apr 17

Coolfire Solutions

Novel mobile platform that can derive contextual intelligence on the edge

Digital Health and Wellness, Digital Transformation, Electronic User Interfaces, Industrial Big Data and Analytics, Industrial Internet of Things

Analyst Insight | Apr 17

Why electronics companies should avoid complacency in the ag tech industry

Agro Innovation, Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things

Company Profile | Apr 17


Developed sensing and analytics platform for wine grapes and greenhouse vegetable farmers

Agro Innovation

Company Profile | Apr 17


Developing computational platform to infer gene regulatory networks for trait discovery

Agro Innovation, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals

Publication Date: Apr 26

Sion Power

Energy Storage | Li-ion and Li-sulfur batteries using metallic Li anodes

Publication Date: Apr 27


Sensors | Real-time odor monitoring platform

Publication Date: Apr 27


Electronic User Interfaces, Sensors | Conductive copper ink for printed electronics

Publication Date: Apr 27


Digital Transformation, Industrial Internet of Things | Analytics platform for equipment prognostics and predictive maintenance

Publication Date: Apr 27

American Thermal Instruments

Sensors | Temperature labels and dataloggers

Publication Date: Apr 27

Ecovia Renewables

Bio-based Materials and Chemicals | Produces bulk and specialty chemicals via fermentation

Publication Date: May 1


Agro Innovation, Digital Transformation, Sensors | Provides SaaS solution for sugarcane and soybean crops powered by data captured using proprietary hyperspectral sensor

Publication Date: May 2

Taulman 3D

Advanced Materials, Digital Transformation, Materials and Manufacturing, Materials Design and Manufacturing, Nanotechnology

Publication Date: May 2

Carbon Clean Solutions

Alternative Fuels | Novel solvent for CO2 capture from flue gases

Publication Date: May 2

Vadxx Energy

Alternative Fuels | Pyrolysis of non-recyclable plastics into diesel, naphthalene, and wax

Publication Date: May 2

Standard Alcohol

Alternative Fuels | GTL catalysts for conversion of syngas to mixed alcohols

Publication Date: May 2


Agro Innovation, Food and Nutrition | Automated production of nutrient dense micro-vegetable, Khai-Nam

Publication Date: May 4



Publication Date: May 4

AdEdge Water Technologies


Publication Date: May 4

BDP EnviroTech


Publication Date: May 4


Water | High flux nanoporous ceramic membranes for advanced separations

Publication Date: May 18



Publication Date: May 18



Publication Date: May 29


Agro Innovation, Food and Nutrition

Publication Date: Jun 8


Sensors | Smart sensor-based system for facility management

Interview Date: Sep 1

HolCo, Inc.

Nanotechnology | Technical validation of software

Publication Date: Feb 1

Dongguan Baode Biological Engineering

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