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The Future of the Composites Industry

Coverage Areas: Accelerating Materials Innovation More...

Planned Publication Date: Q2 2020

The composites industry is growing rapidly with the development of new technologies and market applications, but still remains very small compared to other incumbent materials like steel or aluminum. This report will take a holistic view on the state of the composites industry — encompassing both glass and carbon fiber alike — identifying key drivers and challenges and discuss strategies to grow the overall industry pie rather than simply competing over current markets.

Materials & Manufacturing in an Age of Mass Customization

Coverage Areas: Accelerating Materials Innovation

Planned Publication Date: Q2 2020

In the age of mass customization, brand owners are looking for tech-driven ways to provide more personalized experiences to consumers. This evolving landscape will have lasting implications on how products are being manufactured and the materials being used to manufacture them. This report gives our take on technologies being developed to provide more custom products to consumers and how materials producers can position themselves to avoid the risk of getting left behind.