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China's role in the future of energy storage

Coverage Areas: Energy Storage More...

Planned Publication Date: December 2018

China's rapidly growing EV sales and concentration of battery production has impacted the world's emerging energy storage industry. This report analyzes China's focus on becoming vertically integrated leaders of the lithium-ion industry, their future activities in next-generation batteries, and implementing those batteries in automotive or stationary applications.

Roadmap: Next Generation PV

Coverage Areas: Next Generation Power More...

Planned Publication Date: December 2018

This report will describe the economics and scenarios of deployment of three next generation solar PV technologies, while referring to the relevant Tech Pages for details on the technologies proper.

Strategic Ways to Monetize Data

Coverage Areas: Digital Transformation

Planned Publication Date: December 2018

Current approaches to data monetization are fairly straightforward and can be imitated by competitors, leading to a game of catch-up. This report will discuss a framework that companies can use to be strategic in monetizing data, thereby setting up competitive barriers for themselves.

The hurdles to microLED displays

Coverage Areas: Digital Transformation More...

Planned Publication Date: December 2018

In the past five years, there has been a significant uptick in investment in microLED technology. Apple, Foxconn-Sharp, Samsung, and Facebook have all recently acquired startups in this space, as microLED is considered a direct competitor to OLED, with its longer lifetime and more responsive performance. In this report, we will discuss the microLED landscape and its major barriers to entry.

Asia's Future City

Coverage Areas: Digital Transformation More...

Planned Publication Date: December 2018

Asia's rising urbanization presents numerous opportunities for bleeding edge technology deployment. However, at the same time, lack of traditional infrastructure and a variety of problems from traffic congestion and pollution, will only be amplified as droves of people migrate into cities. While most nations plan to address the immediate needs, several have futuristic aspirations for developing digital societies in a future city. In this report, we analyze the key technologies that will address the demands of Asia's future city as well as highlight the key innovators developing them domestically. 

Innovations in Wave and Tidal Energy

Coverage Areas: Next Generation Power More...

Planned Publication Date: December 2018

Tidal and wave energy can deliver dispatchable power to the grid that is still renewable. As such, they may replace gas peakers and other backup facilities in the future. However, this technology is hard to deploy, mostly because of harsh mechanical conditions. This report lists the innovations in the space in order to assess its true potential.

Monitoring and Control for Water Quality

Coverage Areas: Owning the Energy Transition More...

Planned Publication Date: December 2018

Due to the size and complexity of water and wastewater systems and the premium instrument costs, the water industry has struggled to automate water quality monitoring. Meanwhile, increasing concerns over public health and irregularly but inexorably tightening regulations put utilities under pressure to ensure safe drinking water and wastewater discharge. Potential to improve plant performance and uptime also encourage more active adoption of advanced sensors among industrial operators. This report shows the interesting use cases for different water quality sensors across the water space.

Let's Get Personal: Constructing a Powerful Personalized Nutrition Solution

Coverage Areas: Consumer Choices in Food, Health, and Wellness More...

Planned Publication Date: December 2018

This report will examine enabling technologies, like microbiome sensing, and analysis that are bringing personalized nutrition solutions to the forefront and increasing their effectiveness.

Food, health, and wellness in retrospect: The top news, tech, and questions you asked in 2018

Coverage Areas: Consumer Choices in Food, Health, and Wellness

Planned Publication Date: January 2019

Over 2018, we saw major changes across the food and health value chain, from the introduction of new crops developed with gene editing to progress on growing meat without needing animals. It was an eventful year, which can make it difficult to keep perspective on the major changes, and avoid getting caught up in day-to-day happenings. This report offers a retrospective view of 2018 - the news we covered and what it means for your business, the top developers our analysts feel are worth engaging with, and the major questions that you and your competitors asked our analyst team. It also helps frame the themes we anticipate covering in 2019 and beyond

The Cost-Effective Distributed Grid: Energy Trading Within Microgrids

Coverage Areas: Owning the Energy Transition

Planned Publication Date: February 2019

While the energy transition promises a decentralized electrical grid composed of a network of actors with distributed energy resources, microgrids are not cost-effective for many electricity customers around the world. However, recent years have seen a rise of energy trading software platforms, which promise to provide better compensation for distributed generation and energy assets. We examine the combination of energy trading and microgrid technology to determine if we have finally crossed that critical financial turning point - whether it is more cost-effective to source electricity from distributed resources than from the electrical grid.

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