Webinar: Thinking Outside the Module: Sifting Through the Evolving Solar Inverter Market

June 21, 2011

Presented by:

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Matthew Feinstein


With innovation on the solar module value chain and its associated processes beginning to plateau, and balance of systems (BOS) accounting for an increased percentage of overall system cost – as well as the majority of system failures – market crosshairs have focused on inverters and power electronics as the next area for technological and cost scrutiny. Central inverters from established players have traditionally been a trusted source for project developers in the utility and commercial space, and string inverters have proven their value in residential and other market segments. However, many new microinverter firms are poised to capitalize on applications with needs not well met by the traditional string and central inverter options. Add in the emergence of companies focused on power optimization through maximum power-point tracking (MPPT), and solar installers and developers now have a multitude of options – with various cost-benefit tradeoffs – that suit their needs.

This webinar will address:

  • Installer and project developer attitudes towards different inverter architectures and optimization technologies
  • System-level cost and performance analysis of different inverter architectures, in each market segment
  • An overview of the competitive power electronics landscape, from large incumbents with evolving product lines to start-ups looking to finagle their market share

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Closed | June 21, 2011 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

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