Webinar: The Rise of AI, The Fall of Diesel, The Folly of Fuel Cells

September 14, 2017

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Cosmin Laslau, Ph.D.
Director, Research Products


The Rise of AI, The Fall of Diesel, The Folly of Fuel Cells:

A Data Driven Approach to Predicting, Understanding and Acting on the Next Technology Innovations

Growth is a critical imperative for many organizations and history has shown that the only truly sustainable source of growth is leveraging technology innovation. Unfortunately, many companies do not truly understand what the future of innovation means for them. Even more alarming, the present state of innovation eludes many, and in some cases the past remains opaque as well. 

New research demonstrates that even technology inflection points that occurred 5 to 10 years ago often fail to register for these organizations until it is too late. These organizations miss these inflection points because the signals are often scattered and buried across disparate and under-appreciated datasets. This delay in understanding often results in lost opportunities or wasted investments, even though the solution is most likely in the organization’s grasp.

In this webinar: 

  • We take a focused look at our proprietary data-driven methodology for analyzing complex data sets, to generate a signal, which pinpoints the state of innovation for any technology. We will demonstrate how this methodology is effective by examining the rise of artificial intelligence, the fall of bad products like diesel engines, the poor investment of fuel cells, and counter-intuitive megatrends such as the clean energy slowdown. 

  • We conclude by detailing how companies should augment their conventional technology foresight efforts with an accurate big data and analytics strategy, and warn of specific hidden pitfalls that can falter such efforts.

Lux uses the Lux Intelligence Engine, our new research platform, which contains proprietary analytics, built by in-house data scientists and software developers, based on years of experience profiling companies and identifying emerging technologies. 

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