Webinar: Lux Research’s China’s Innovation Ecosystem: Navigating from Hype and Fear to Business Strategy

November 15, 2011


As the details and execution of China’s 12th 5 Year Plan roll out, it is clear that China plans to accelerate its transition from manufacturing powerhouse to technology provider. The multi-billion dollar question is: How much of this technology-driven innovation can China’s innovation ecosystem deliver? To see through the fear, hype and confusion, we’ll look inside China, across more than $5 billion of venture capital, over 1,500 industry parks and trillions of renminbi of government funding, much of it requiring matching industry support. Using these analyses as well as insights from hundreds of interviews conducted inside China this year we’ll discuss:
  • The specific landscape of innovation in China defined by technology, geography and innovation source
  • Funding structures including venture, government and industry sources
  • Policies and programs at country and local levels that encourage innovation and fuel its adoption

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Closed | November 15, 2011 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

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