Webinar: Disrupter or Disruptee? Tales From Both Sides of Innovation

September 25, 2019

Presented by:

Kevin Pang, Ph.D.
Vice President, Consulting


All successful inventive companies eventually become logistics companies.  Protecting and scaling become top priorities for the organization.  But what happens when you’ve been successful at that?  How do you re-become inventive?  Or should you choose to be innovative?  Is there a difference?

We hear a lot about disruptive innovation, but for many successful companies, seeking to disrupt is not a feasible innovation strategy.  Rather, it is more about how to avoid being disrupted.  We’ll discuss how the way you scout for technology and opportunity can change and be radically different depending on the philosophy you choose, the potential consequences of confusing the two, and whether choosing one mindset over the other creates unintended blind spots. 

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