Webinar: Risk and Reward in the Over-Hyped Electric Vehicle Market

July 19, 2011

Presented by:

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Kevin See, Ph.D.
Vice President, Digital Products


Governments and corporations worldwide continue to predict a future where electrically powered vehicles dominate the roads. The rapidly growing electric vehicle market provides great opportunity for vehicle manufacturers and energy storage developers – along with great risk. Though government investment has spurred activity throughout the electric vehicle value chain, innovation in energy storage technologies must continue to sustain momentum. Vehicle types ranging from e-bikes to heavy vehicles powered by storage technologies, including batteries and supercapacitors, all face varying market opportunities. It is crucial to consider the overall market opportunity and pressure points where innovation can dramatically shift the value proposition for these vehicles. This webinar will address:
  • The market opportunity for a variety of vehicle types and the energy storage technologies that drive them
  • Areas of innovation in energy storage with both near- and long- term payoffs
  • The effects of oil price on electric vehicle adoption, and the consequences of mismatched Li-ion supply and demand

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