Webinar: The Trend is Your Friend; Demographics, Healthcare, and the Paradigm Shift

May 15, 2012


The graying of the world’s population is creating new and outsized opportunities in healthcare for companies in advanced materials, electronics, information technology, formulation, devices, and services-not just pharmaceuticals. Increasing longevity and decreasing birthrates combine to create very strong societal economics forcing change. This change shifts our approach from one of simply administering healthcare [more is better] to better managing it [less is more]. The world is looking for more efficient, better, unconventional solutions that help us age in a more cost effective manner. This webinar will:

  • Cover some of the exciting new technology solutions being explored for healthcare
  • Examine some of the drivers making healthcare an imperative market luring new, unconventional players into this space
  • Discuss the importance of a major emerging market such as China, with a population 4X the United States and an aging population over 65 now exceeding 100M, as a crucible and model for evolving healthcare around the globe