Mukunda Kaushik

Research Associate

Mukunda is a Research Associate in Lux’s Boston office. As a part of the consulting team, Mukunda helps clients drive innovation and growth by investigating and creating technology driven strategy opportunities for new products and services.

With his interdisciplinary technical background and experience with quantifying demand-driven market potential, Mukunda supports Lux’s clients by identifying scientific and commercial trends in fast-paced industries. Prior to Lux, Mukunda worked in the energy storage sector at 24M Technologies and contributed to the development of Li-Ion batteries with high capacity retention and reduced carbon footprint. He also worked at the Park Laboratory for Interfacial Thermofluids at Northwestern University where he investigated the fundamental capillary action and phase change equilibrium of water through forced convection for applications in fog harvesting.

Mukunda has a B.S in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University and graduated from the university’s Honors Program. He is the recipient of multiple academic research grants including the Scholars Independent Research Fellowship.