Alternative Fuels Tracker

Last updated: June 24, 2015 | Data Tracker


The Alternative Fuels Tracker is a comprehensive database of over 1,800 production facilities distributed in 88 countries throughout the world, with the corresponding data of production capacity, fuel, and feedstock by company from 2005 to 2018. The Alternative Fuels Tracker is mainly driven by direct conversations with suppliers, technology providers, and other key stakeholders in the space. Using the Alternative Fuels Tracker allows players in this space to capitalize on emerging capacity and technologies, get ahead of feedstock shortages and developments across the globe, and profit from the movement of capacity from dominant areas today (U.S., Brazil, Germany) to emerging regions (e.g. China, India). Leading fuel off-takers, automakers, energy regulators, material suppliers, feedstock suppliers, and energy companies use the Alternative Fuels Tracker to drive decision making. This dynamic tool supports a comprehensive quantity of easily customized graphical and data outputs ready for instant insertion into any reporting format.


Download the full dataset in Excel

For advanced analysis and offline exploration of the Alternative Fuels Tracker, the full data set is available for download.

These files are available to subscribers of the Lux Research Alternative Fuels service.