Automotive Battery Tracker

Last updated: December 4, 2017 | Data Tracker


Plug-in vehicles had their strongest quarter ever in Q3 2017, selling a record 288,000 EVs and PHEVs and bringing 2017 YTD sales to 713,000 and on pace to exceed one million vehicle sales for the year. China has fully recovered from a sluggish start to 2017: It’s 155,000 plug-ins sold in Q3 2017 are more than double any other region and three times higher than Q1 2017 sales. Looking at automotive OEMs, Tesla fell from the industry’s leading seller of plug-in vehicles in Q2 2017 to third in Q3 2017, overtaken by China’s BYD and Geely, who together accounted for 24% of total plug-in vehicles sold. Overall, the top eight automotive OEMs account for 72% of total battery demand in Q3 2017, and Tesla’s large battery packs make it the largest source of demand among all OEMs. Tesla’s 2.2 GWh of batteries used in Q3 2017 make up 26% of the total market. Panasonic remains the industry’s largest cell supplier (2.3 GWh) with over twice as much demand as competitors LG Chem (1 GWh) and BYD (970 MWh).


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