Automotive Battery Tracker

Last updated: September 19, 2018 | Data Tracker


Lux Research's Automotive Battery Tracker analyzes key trends related to the impact of electrification on the automotive industry. Leveraging multiple data sources for vehicle sales, combined with Lux's tracking of technical specifications for electrified vehicles, the Automotive Battery Tracker unearths valuable information about battery trends, key OEMs, and their suppliers. In our Q3 update, we find a record 492,000 plug-in vehicles were sold as the segment moves closer to surpassing hybrid vehicles sales which totalled 545,000 in the quarter. China's favorable government support and large addressable market make it the most promising market moving forward and likely to build on its already 58% market share of plug-in vehicles sales globally. With a production and delivery push for the Model 3, Tesla sold a record 84,700 vehicles in Q3, second only to BYD's 64,000 plug-in sales, although Tesla vehicles used 5.9 GWh of batteries. The Model 3 will likely end the year as the best selling EV of 2018, but faces signficant challenges in delivering those vehicles and achieving sustained profitability.


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