Automotive Battery Tracker

Last updated: October 3, 2017 | Data Tracker


The advanced automotive battery saw a rebound in Q2 2017, following a sluggish Q1 to start the year. *245,000 plug-in vehicles were sold globally in Q2 2017, setting a new quarterly record, while hybrids saw a slight drop to 465,000 vehicles sold globally - although still above 2016 levels.*China rebounded to retake the leading position in regional sales of plug-in vehicles, with 110,000 plug-ins sold in Q2 2017, as the country rebounded from uncertainty in its subsidy program that plagued it in Q1. Eight OEMs account for 65% of the market, with BYD leading Tesla by a slim margin in Q2 for a leading market share position, while those same eight OEMs accounted for 75% of all battery sales.


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