Predictive maintenance solution to improve outcomes of process-critical rotating equipment at a bottling plant

May 30, 2018 | Case Study

Augury has been one of the earliest providers of predictive maintenance solutions in the market. Specifically, it targets rotating equipment, for which it has built extensive physics-based models to predict machine failures. Rotating equipment like motors, pumps, and fans makes up a considerable portion of the mechanical equipment in many industrial sectors and is a prime target for predictive maintenance. Typically, maintenance resources in an industrial facility are oriented toward preventive and reactive maintenance methods to reduce instances of downtime. However, these two approaches are not predictive and hence do not foresee impending issues that could cause downtime to avoid loss of production. This was a concern for a major food and beverage supplier that was experiencing downtime in its 60 bottling facilities. To avoid downtime and improve production uptime, the supplier deployed Augury's solution in one of its bottling facilities, which had over 1,000 pieces of rotating equipment.

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