CES 2020 highlight: The smart mirror, a potential channel directly connecting consumers and personal care product developers

January 22, 2020 | Case Study

At CES 2020, Lux saw a rising trend of integration and customization of consumer products and services. One of the specific examples of this trend is in the emerging field of the smart mirror, which is a mirror empowered by computer vision and augmented reality technologies to monitor skin health, provide personalized recommendations for cosmetic and personal care products, and simulate makeup. Lux talked with two smart mirror companies at CES 2020, HiMirror from the U.S. and Lululab from South Korea. The two companies have similar functions in their mirror products but adopt slightly different business models. HiMirror sells a smart mirror and includes third-party partners' products in its recommendation list, while Lululab sells the whole skin care set, which includes the smart mirror and partners' products, such as facial masks.