How Aveeno and other brands are beginning to communicate the skin microbiome to consumers

March 26, 2020 | Case Study

The skin microbiome is poised to revolutionize the personal care space, with more effective products and the potential for more personalized skin care treatments. Yet, all skin care products impact the host-microorganism relationship. As skin microbiome science becomes commonplace and brands use the skin microbiome to inform products, a lingering question is how (if at all) they will communicate the benefits of their products to consumers. While brands like Dove (Unilever) and Lancôme (L'Oréal) already use the word "microbiome" in advertisements, they largely avoid explaining what it is, focusing mainly on the benefits while leaving consumers to go to their brand web sites to learn more. Aveeno (Johnson & Johnson), on the other hand, is one of the first brands to start including scientific explanations in advertisements in an attempt to educate consumers.