Materials informatics in Europe? CHAMPION targets collective database building; will create novel bio-based polymers

August 18, 2020 | Case Study

The EU H2020 CHAMPION (Circular High-performance Aza-Michael Polymers as Innovative materials Originating from Nature) project aims to develop bio-based polymers that can be recovered, reused, and (chemically) recycled or biodegraded for their end of life (EOL). CHAMPION will create a database of more than 50 bioderivable materials based on the aza-Michael reaction; test the polymers for their toxicity, precursors, and breakdown products; and benchmark their environmental, social, and economic impact against incumbent petrochemical-based materials, among other goals. The initiative involves 14 partners, including chemicals companies, end users, and research organizations. It will last three and a half years and has a €5.7 million budget.