HealthMode offers opportunities for clients looking to leverage digital biomarkers in their strategy

August 31, 2020 | Case Study

HealthMode is a company developing software to identify digital biomarkers that offer opportunities to nontraditional players like hardware, materials, and sensor companies to engage more intimately with the healthcare industry. While digital biomarkers are an increasingly hot topic in the healthcare world, it can be difficult to understand how they can be an opportunity. Biomarkers by themselves are not patentable, and although there is some room around patenting them as part of a novel process, they are not something that can be produced and sold. Instead of looking at them as a product, clients need to be looking at strategies surrounding digital biomarkers. While it is possible to develop software in-house to incorporate into hardware offerings, a strategy with fewer barriers to entry is to look at digital biomarkers as a signpost for new markets to enter and consider partnerships with companies like HealthMode as a way to enter those markets.