GM to debut wireless BMS from Analog Devices in its Ultium batteries

November 17, 2020 | Case Study

Battery management systems (BMS) are critical components of the electric vehicle that ensure safe operation of the battery pack. Using inputs from each battery module that monitor voltage, current, and temperature, the battery management system protects cells from damage that can arise from overcharging as well as practical aspects like estimating the remaining energy in a pack. Conventional BMS systems include a central circuit board that includes the logic and lookup tables from which the BMS operates as well as module-level circuitry that implements those directions from the central battery management unit (BMU) and the sensors providing inputs. To combat the significant wiring requirements of connecting these components, Analog Devices (ADI) introduced a wireless BMS that allows modules to communicate with the BMU wirelessly, a technology that GM will be using with its Ultium battery system.