Health2Sync study shows integrating Fitbit wearables into diabetes care improves outcomes

January 04, 2021 | Case Study

Health2Sync is a connected diabetes management platform that assists patients in tracking their data through connectivity with glucometers and nutritional support. The app connects with data sources like food diary apps in order to make dietary recommendations based on eating habits and blood sugar readings. In a recent pilot study with Fitbit, the company used the wrist-worn wearable to supplement its platform. The wearable, as a remote monitoring device, allowed patients to upload data to the Health2Sync platform in order to share information with their physicians and track their own progress against diabetes management-related goals like proper sleep and exercise. The results of the study showed that users of the Health2Sync platform paired with a Fitbit showed a significant increase in healthy behaviors, leading to better management of the disease, decreased average fasting blood glucose levels, and decreased HbA1c levels.