Sequoia Capital's Climate Fund highlights how traditional venture capitalists are likely a nonfactor for climate tech innovations

March 27, 2021 | Case Study

In January 2020, Sequoia Partner Bryan Schreier announced to the public that the venture capital firm would be "actively investing in climate tech" given that there was a moral responsibility and a "huge business opportunity." Soon afterward, Sequoia launched its Climate Fund, with a focus on backing startups developing solutions to prevent climate change. While one can debate the morality of financially supporting climate tech, there is undoubtedly a growing addressable market for technologies capable of eliminating or removing GHG emissions from the atmosphere. Following the announcement, several other venture capital firms jumped on the bandwagon, using the term "climate tech" to highlight their focus on the latest trend. As Sequoia Capital is of the more tenured venture capital firms and has raised more than $19 billion in funds, including its most recent $8 billion Global Growth Fund III, we decided to take a closer look at the firm's activities since making the announcement.