Using multiple consumer data streams, LifeNome's precision nutrition pregnancy platform may impact the broader field of personalized CPGs

June 10, 2021 | Case Study

LifeNome, a startup focusing on personalized wellness based on AI recommendations informed by genomic data, announced a precision nutrition pregnancy platform called 9Moons in mid-May 2021. Targeting expectant mothers and the mothers of young children, the company asks for genomic data obtained via a cheek swab kit (to be shipped in July 2021) or acquires it from the existing platforms like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or FamilyTreeDNA and supplements this information with health and dietary information from an online questionnaire. 9Moons provides users personalized dietary recommendations (daily and weekly meal plans with customized recipes) via a smartphone app according to the identified nutritional needs. The platform also offers direct interaction with OB-GYNs and nutritionists regarding the recommendations or health-related questions.

According to LifeNome, 9Moons will integrate data from wearables (like Fitbit and Apple Watch) in September 2021 to track users' sleep, activity, and heart rate variability. LifeNome will use the data to adjust the recommendations on a weekly basis, and the company will send real-time user alerts when health parameters like heart rate go beyond a recommended level. In November 2021, 9Moons will launch a personalized marketplace, which will feature LifeNome partners' CPG products (like nutrition supplements, foods, and beauty products) based on users' data.