Consumer-available noninvasive glucose monitoring is fast approaching: Apple and Rockley Photonics

June 15, 2021 | Case Study

Rockley Photonics revealed that Apple was among the top customers for its wearable sensor platform in a recent $1.2 billion SPAC filing. Rockley is a manufacturer that develops a full-stack sensor suite, which includes the capability to measure muscle lactate, hydration, blood pressure, core body temperature, and most notably, blood glucose. The ability to detect blood glucose noninvasively has long been sought after, and only in the past year has it become evident that the technology is getting close to being released. The launch of a consumer-centric noninvasive continuous glucose monitoring system would be disruptive, and given the rumors that tie Apple's continued investments in Rockley to possible smartwatch integration, this news brings the tech one large step closer to becoming a mainstream reality.