Hologram Sciences' personalized nutrition solution must overcome strategic and feature-related factors

July 14, 2021 | Case Study

DSM-backed personalized nutrition company Hologram Sciences launched D.velop, a personalized vitamin D solution to help users build resilient immune health. As a direct-to-consumer (DTC) product, the D.velop solution consists of three elements: nutrition pills made of a special form of vitamin D called calcifediol, a home test kit measuring vitamin D levels in the blood, and a smartphone app to help users understand their immune health and take action for improvement.

D.velop is the first dietary supplement that contains calcifediol. According to Hologram Sciences, calcifediol can be directly absorbed by body, while cholecalciferol (the form of vitamin D from regular vitamin D supplements) needs the liver to process it into calcifediol for the body's absorption. The company estimates that D.velop enables users to reach optimal vitamin D levels three times faster and three times more effectively than conventional vitamin D supplements. D.velop will first be available to DSM's more than 3,000 North American employees.