Azotic Technologies' new patents lay the ground for its biofertilizer global market expansion

April 19, 2022 | Case Study

Nitrogen (N)-fixing bacteria have become an important strategy to meet the demand for low-cost nitrogen for modern agriculture. Azotic Technologies, a U.K.-based global agtech company that is among the leaders in biofertilizer solutions, recently announced a new set of patents targeting Australia and the Philippines. Azotic Technologies' naturally occurring active ingredient Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus (Gd), a bacterium first reported to fix nitrogen in sugarcane, is characterized by its ability to colonize plant cells in the roots, shoots, and leaves. The product, branded Envita in North America and N-Fix in the rest of the world, received previous patenting in Japan in March 2022 and has approved patents in North America, the EU, the U.K., and South Africa. Azotic was among the first biofertilizer players to expand outside North America, and now that the ball is rolling, Azotic will be very active in its progress to bring the Gd-based products to corn, rice, wheat, soybeans, canola, and potatoes in these markets.

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