3D printed silicon carbide: Ceralink's novel production process for jet engine material

We recently caught up with Holly Shulman, founder of advanced ceramics developer Ceralink. The company recently developed a method for producing silicon carbide/silicon carbide composites using powder bed inkjet 3D printers from ExOne (see the report "Building the Future: Assessing 3D Printing's ...

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Desktop Metal's latest printer eliminates the need for a debinding step

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Materialise develops SLS 3D printing services with its PA12 powder that can be up to 100% reusable

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World's largest sand printer to accelerate casting of wind turbines

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The casting of key wind turbine nacelle components requires sand molds weighing up to 60 tons. GE Renewable Energy, Voxeljet, and Fraunhofer IGCV will develop the world's largest sand 3D printer to manufacture these molds faster with improved design and optimized composition of materials. This ... Not part of subscription