Samsung and LG OLED TVs come to the U.S., but high price tag will keep them out of reach for most

Samsung and LG have begun shipping organic light-emitting diode (OLED) television to the U.S. (see the report "Sorting Hype From Reality in Printed, Organic, and Flexible Display Technologies"). The two Korean display makers use different OLED architectures, with Samsung’s TVs having red-green-bl...

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Apple opens new chapter in LCD vs. OLED race, releasing iPad Pro with miniLED backlit panel

News Commentary | April 21, 2021

Apple added 2,500 dimming zones using more than 10,000 miniLEDs in the backlit LCD panel in the latest iPad Pro. The upgrade provides a 1 million:1 contrast ratio and 1‑nit brightness, similar to OLED technology, but is more cost‑effective. The performance improvements extend the LCD market outlook... Not part of subscription

Royole leaves flexible displays and consumer electronics by pivoting to stretchable displays

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Royole raised more than $2 billion, claiming that its technology lowered the cost of a flexible display stack, and built large production capacity in China. However, the truly flexible displays market never reached the masses. Now, the unicorn startup plans to repurpose its core technology toward ... Not part of subscription

ZTE launches leading under-display camera tech for consumer electronics

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An under‑display camera (UDC) allows more efficient utilization of the display area. It also brings a natural videoconferencing experience, unlike the incumbent setup most remote workers experienced last year. While COVID‑19 accelerated development, the idea has been on display makers' minds for a ... Not part of subscription