Envelope providers enter the energy modelling game

Analysts from both Efficient Building Systems and Sustainable Building Materials recently had the chance to speak with leaders at Guardian and Oldcastle Building Envelope in Philadelphia. As we pointed out in a recent analyst insight (see the November 25, 2013 LRBMJ), both of these companies are ...

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Branch Technology creates 3D-printed composite building façade

News Commentary | February 24, 2021

Branch's "cellular fabrication" approach builds a lattice from 3D‑printed reinforced polymer and then creates finished products by filling the lattice with the desired material (here, glass fiber filled concrete) – in contrast to most construction 3D printing approaches, which deposit concrete or ... Not part of subscription

Metamaterial and Sekisui's collaboration highlights how partnership can turn metamaterials into products

Case Study | September 09, 2021

Metamaterial and Sekisui announced a transparent metamaterial‑enabled film in March 2021 for interior 5G applications. The film is designed to reflect Sub‑6 signals (in the 3.5 to 6 GHz range) and mmWave signals (28 GHz); when placed on walls, windows, or other interior features, it helps spread Sub... Not part of subscription

Nexii Building Solutions

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Developed prefabricated panels that facilitate rapid construction and efficient disassembly of structures; proprietary Nexiite material is similar to concrete but has a lower carbon footprint; interior insulation of panels is polystyrene or similar material. Technical co‑founders have deep ... Not part of subscription