Europeans do things differently: the importance of design for activity trackers

Withings (see June 26, 2014 LRBEJ for the company profile), a French developer of wirelessly connected vital signs monitors and smart scales, has announced their latest activity tracker, Activité. According to the company, Activité is "a new category of elegantly designed, fashion-focused accesso...

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Fitbit partners with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to bring services to veterans and caregivers, brings little value compared to Apple

News Commentary | January 19, 2021

Fitbit's rollout of free membership services for a year to veterans and caregivers is predicated on ownership of a Fitbit tracker. The VA has been a target demographic of health tech companies for two reasons: 1) the government agency has to stretch resources for medical care; 2) record keeping (and... Not part of subscription

Apple’s patent for a sleep mask device is late to the game but hints at broader industry interest in the sleep health market

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Apple is widely considered a world leader in innovation. However, its recently granted patent indicates that Apple is late to the game. For example, Musicozy, Moita and Joesche already have hybrid sleep masks with earphone capabilities in the market. There is nothing groundbreaking in this patent ... Not part of subscription

Contactless biosensing offers a hassle-free approach for consumer health monitoring, but is still a work in progress

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A new paradigm is starting to emerge in consumer health — contactless biosensing. We alluded to this in our report “Opportunities in Digital Biomarkers” as “off‑the‑body sensors.” The idea is simple: These biosensors pick up physiological data without making contact, as opposed to “on‑the‑body ... Not part of subscription