Panasonic develops very narrow cylindrical lithium-ion batteries for wearables

Energy storage powerhouse Panasonic has introduced a small lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery for wearable applications like glasses and fitness trackers. Although the company is ambitiously marketing it as a "pin shape" battery, the unit is actually just a very small cylindrical cell using a stainless...

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Solid Power expands solid-state battery portfolio to include silicon anodes and conversion cathodes

News Commentary | June 18, 2021

Solid Power has historically focused mostly on lithium metal anodes and NMC cathodes, but it recently announced that it is working on alternatives to this combination. The company specifically called out silicon‑dominant anodes, of which it has been producing 2 Ah cells but will move to the 20 Ah ... Not part of subscription

Our Next Energy

Company Profile | March 03, 2022

Our Next Energy (ONE) develops a dual‑battery system using cell‑to‑pack architecture to provide a "range extender" for electric vehicles The company develops two battery packs; Aries, a lithium ferrophosphate (LFP)‑based battery pack, and Gemini, which uses an LFP battery for daily driving ... Not part of subscription

Amprius ships first commercial batteries for high-altitude pseudo satellites

News Commentary | February 22, 2022

After securing funding from Airbus for the development of the high‑capacity silicon nanowire anodes in 2019, Amprius has announced the commercial shipment of 450 Wh/kg Li‑ion cells. The batteries will be used in high‑altitude pseudo satellites (HAPS). It is noteworthy that Airbus had deployed ... Not part of subscription