Amsterdam to host first 3D printed footbridge, but without a clear path to larger infrastructure

As Lux prepares to host Lux Executive Summit Europe this week in Amsterdam, the city is also poised to host a fully 3D printed steel bridge across one of its canals. Designer Joris Laarman plans to use two of MX3D’s 6-axis robotic-arm-based 3D printers to construct the bridge in open air, buildin...

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A new 3D-printed affordable housing for actual use rather than demonstration purposes

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Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization working to supply decent housing for the world's poorest communities, has collaborated with PERI Group to 3D‑print affordable housing in Tempe, Arizona. Cobod's gantry‑based concrete 3D printer (BOD2) and local materials are used to build a single‑story... Not part of subscription

Volkswagen taking additional steps to realize its goal of 3D-printing thousands of metal parts annually

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Volkswagen announced its plans to 3D‑print 100,000 parts per year through its partnership with HP and GKN Powder Metallurgy in 2018. Three years later, the company has entered into another partnership to realize this goal in the next few years. The new partner, Siemens, will help Volkswagen's ... Not part of subscription

HB11's PW-class laser fusion demonstration warrants excitement, yet laser-triggered fusion is decades away

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The claims of Sydney‑based, deep‑tech startup HB11 Energy that it has achieved commercial fusion — the world's first — sound quite vague, and so they are. These claims look more like an attempt to invigorate in‑country funding to build higher‑power laser units. The study, which was conducted in ... Not part of subscription