Japan anticipates photovoltaic waste; global recyling on the horizon

Following a report by the Environment Ministry, the Japanese government announced it will implement recycling targets for solar modules by the end of 2015. The announcement follows a report by the ministry that calculated waste from photovoltaic modules will be at 3,000 tonnes in 2020, but will j...

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Five large economies pledge to advance low-carbon concrete and steel through public procurement

News Commentary | November 12, 2021

In the five countries — Canada, Germany, India, the United Arab Emirates, and the U.K. — government procurement of concrete and steel is 25% to 40% of the market. U.S. states California, Colorado, and New Jersey have adopted similar policies. Next year, this initiative will announce decarbonization ... Not part of subscription

New “Buy Clean Task Force” will use the U.S. government’s procurement heft to foster low-carbon construction materials

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Canada's 2022 budget allocates CAD 2.6 billion over five years to subsidize carbon capture capital expenditure

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Responding to industry demands, the Canadian government introduced tax credits for 2022–2030 set at 60% for investments in direct air capture equipment, 50% for investments in equipment for all other carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects, and 37.5% for investments in CCUS ... Not part of subscription