As smartphone makers devour the processor business, component makers need to invest in IoT

As low-cost Chinese smartphone OEMs, such as Xiaomi and Huawei, increasingly creep into the market, undercutting their western peers, Apple and Samsung are taking to vertical integration – developing their own processors. This move is taking away revenue-critical processor business from leaders s...

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Samsung jumps ahead of Apple in creating private device networks with release of SmartTag

News Commentary | January 21, 2021

For a long time, Tile dominated the personal tag devices market, and the company also partnered with Google in 2019. Last year, news broke out that Apple was finalizing its own version, the AirTag, and Amazon pursued the same functionality with the Amazon Sidewalk project. Samsung's release of the ... Not part of subscription

Nextech AR acquires one of the few remaining 3D scanning technology startups, ARWay

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This deal is the latest in a series of large augmented reality (AR) companies snapping up 3D scanning startups focused on indoor, outdoor, or discrete objects. This deal is similar to Hexagon acquiring Immersal, as both buyers provide AR solutions to B2C clients. However, the moves are likely also ... Not part of subscription

Synthesia raises $50 million to scale its AI-based synthetic video product

News Commentary | December 12, 2021

The company enables its customers to quickly and easily turn text into videos of lifelike talking avatars. Since raising its Series A in April, Synthesia has grown to around 5,000 customers and generated more than 6 million unique videos, primarily for enterprise communication like internal training... To read more, click here.