Adidas’ “Futurecraft 3D” 3D printed shoe will be slow off the block, despite strong potential for the space as a whole

Sporting goods corporation Adidas recently debuted a concept running shoe featuring a 3D printed midsole based on measurements of a customer's foot and gait, dubbed Futurecraft 3D. Adidas claims 3D printing the midsole enables the shoe to exactly conform to the runners’ foot, improving load distr...

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Company Profile | June 01, 2021

Develops printers and polyurethane formulations and provides printing as a service for the 3D printing of functional and aesthetic features on footwear uppers and apparel Claims differentiation with the ability to dynamically change the stiffness of the material on the fly and print on textile ... Not part of subscription

Sinterit launches faster SLS printer, bringing it on par with more expensive SLS printers

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Boom Supersonic relies on 3D printing to enable its business model

Case Study | February 02, 2022

Boom Supersonic is developing supersonic passenger aircraft and plans to start testing a 1:3 scale demonstrator aircraft, the XB‑1, in early 2022. Boom partnered with Stratasys and Velo3D to develop several dozen metal and high‑performance 3D‑printed parts for the XB‑1 and plans to continue using 3D... Not part of subscription