Nanomaterials for electronics packaging application by NanoDynamics and Georgia Tech

In late May we attended the 2nd Jisso International Forum on implementing advanced interconnect technology solutions for microelectronics at Georgia Tech’s Packaging Research Center (PRC). At this meeting, the Jisso International Council, which fosters international cooperation on electronics packag...

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Developed a method for growing InAs/GaAs quantum dot structures on GaAs substrate and fabrication of laser devices Manufactures lasers with emissions between 1,064 nm and 1,340 nm, as well as gain chips and semiconductor optical amplifiers with wide bandwidth Products have the potential to ... Not part of subscription

Electrically actuated metalenses move the promising concept closer to product considerations

News Commentary | April 30, 2021

Metalenses could shrink the traditional phone camera lens setup, which is a few millimeters in size and actuated with magnets, to a submillimeter structure. Liquid crystals can add a dynamic character to the metalens function, though with a focal length shift only on the order of tens of microns. ... Not part of subscription

University of Tartu researchers look to fabricate microscale solid oxide fuel cells

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