Metamaterial optical lens offers efficiency but lacks a focused application

A team of researchers in the Capasso group at Harvard University recently announced the development of a metamaterial lens that focuses light in the visible wavelength with superior light transmission efficiency compared to previous lenses. This lens uses an array of 600 nm tall pillars to focus ...

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University of Rochester group develops curved freeform metasurface optics for AR/VR applications

News Commentary | May 03, 2021

The researchers claim the metasurface optic allows a thinner, lighter device to reflect more light from the AR microdisplay back to the wearer's eye, improving brightness, a persistent problem in AR devices. Manufacturing the device is both the main accomplishment and a major hurdle: The group used ... Not part of subscription

Superscattering metamaterials block light waves in open air

News Commentary | June 23, 2021

Researchers at Nanjing University have demonstrated a superscattering metamaterial capable of blocking the passage of microwaves through open air. The metamaterial consists of iron‑rich ceramic rods arranged along one side of a 5 cm‑wide gateway. In principle, there is no physical limit to the size ... Not part of subscription

Researchers at Princeton University and the University of Washington have developed a salt-grain-sized camera that can take near-HD images

News Commentary | December 20, 2021

University researchers have developed a compact camera 500,000 times smaller than incumbent cameras that can take full‑color 720‑ × 720‑pixel images. Such small‑footprint cameras can be used in applications including medical imaging, inspection robots, and ubiquitous sensing. And while a traditional... To read more, click here.