U.S. DOE goes two for three at the plate with MEGA-BIO project funding

In February, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) announced up to $11.3 million in funding for biomass-to-hydrocarbon biofuels under the name MEGA-BIO: Bioproducts to Enable Biofuels (DE-FOA-0001433). As the name implies, the key focus of the grant is to identi...

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Boeing plans for 100% sustainable aviation fuel planes by 2030 but faces uphill battle with ASTM certification

News Commentary | January 26, 2021

Boeing announced it will deliver commercial airliners capable of flying on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). While Boeing has made bold claims in the past with its SAF ambitions, such as expediting the ASTM certification for renewable diesel blending, the company has yet to make significant ... Not part of subscription

Regulatory support for synthetic fuels in Germany comes close to becoming reality

News Commentary | May 24, 2021

The German government and aviation representatives agreed to explore the introduction of a blending quota of up to 2% for synthetic fuels in the local German aviation sector by 2030. This is merely a plan and not yet reality, but it is an important step, as synthetic fuels needs regulatory support ... Not part of subscription

IEA Bioenergy Task 39 report highlights roles of liquid-based fuels for decarbonizing aviation

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The report "Progress in the Commercialization of Biojet / Sustainable Aviation Fuels" corroborates Lux's long stance that liquid‑based fuels will remain the dominant form of energy for the aviation sector. ICAO has also made a clear commitment to a similar roadmap through its 2050 ICAO Vision for ... Not part of subscription