Gloom and Bloom: Another fuel cell IPO is unlikely to win over investors

Rumors about an initial public offering from solid oxide fuel cell developer Bloom Energy (see the December 10, 2014 LRESJ) have circulated for years, with the company itself once claiming an IPO would come in 2014. Finally, these rumors have gained credibility recently, as the company reportedly ha...

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MAN Energy Solutions acquires majority stake in H-TEC Systems

News Commentary | January 20, 2021

H‑TEC is a developer of PEM electrolyzers, and MAN Energy previously acquired a 40% stake in the company back in 2019 – it has now raised its stake to 99%, effectively acquiring the company. With momentum ramping up in the hydrogen economy, such acquisitions will become more commonplace as large ... Not part of subscription

GenCell raises $14.3 million to commercialize alkaline fuel cells and ammonia-to-energy systems

News Commentary | April 22, 2021

The $14.3 million investment, led by BNP Paribas ($8 million) and TDK Ventures, accounts for 3% of GenCell's shares. In February 2021, GenCell and TDK Ventures struck a separate $8.5 million deal to develop a green ammonia production process. The company's primary offerings include alkaline (KOH) ... Not part of subscription

H2Fly and Deutsche Aircraft announce plans for hydrogen fuel cell aircraft by 2025

News Commentary | July 09, 2021

The two companies will retrofit a Dornier 328 with a 1,500‑kW fuel cell, with plans to demonstrate the first flight by 2025, and then follow up with a 40‑seat commercial airliner by 2030. This announcement makes H2Fly and ZeroAvia the two most prominent companies attempting to commercialize hydrogen... Not part of subscription