New partnerships are evidence of renewed momentum within the carbon capture and utilization space

Last week, Veolia announced a partnership with Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL) for the large-scale deployment of CCSL’s carbon capture technology for industrial processes. The announcement follows the successful commissioning of CCSL’s technology at a coal-fired power plant in India last Novem...

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Canadian government invests $400 million into ArcelorMittal Dofasco for low-CO₂ steel

News Commentary | August 17, 2021

This investment comes on the heels of an earlier July announcement for an electric arc furnace (EAF) unit at AccelorMittal's Sestao plant in Spain. The $400 million from the Canadian government will support AccelorMittal Dofasco, a subsidiary in Ontario, in phasing out coal‑fired blast furnaces in ... Not part of subscription

CarbiCrete raises a USD 12 million Series A for CO₂-to-concrete technology

News Commentary | April 04, 2022

CarbiCrete produces low‑carbon concrete that uses waste steel slag as an alternative to cement. The produced concrete can be cured with CO2 (50 kg CO2 per tonne of concrete) and has the potential to permanently sequester CO2 captured from industrial flue gas. The company raised USD 12 million in a ... Not part of subscription

Carbon Clean

Company Profile | May 17, 2022

Develops CycloneCC, a modular carbon capture system that uses a proprietary amine solvent and rotating packed beds (RPBs) to capture CO2 from flue gases with 90% efficiency; claims a solvent regeneration temperature of 120 ºC and an energy consumption of 1.8 GJ/tonne of CO2 Claims a carbon ... Not part of subscription