Nano-enabled catalysts make it into 2010 model year cars, but whither the price of platinum?

Mazda's nanotechnology-enabled automotive catalyst debuted in the first week of December in the 2010 Mazda3 at the Motor Show di Bologna, and Nissan introduced its own nano-enabled catalyst in the 2010 Cube last month in Japan. Announced in October 2007, Mazda calls its catalyst structure with indiv...

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Scania to focus on BEV over FCEV

News Commentary | February 04, 2021

The Swedish truck manufacturer has publicized its vision for contributing to the decarbonization of heavy‑duty bussing and trucking. By 2025, the company intends to cut its own operational CO2 emissions by 50% while aiming to have electrified vehicles account for nearly 10% of total European sales ... Not part of subscription

AGC announces adoption of fluoropolymer for 5G antenna PCBs

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Fluoropolymers are notoriously hard to manufacture PCBs from, but AGC claims its EA‑2000 material offers better adhesion than PTFE. The group's target of 2022 to 2023 for larger‑scale adoption is roughly in line with our previous projections on mmWave rollout, with some delay for COVID‑19. Clients ... Not part of subscription

NACFE finds 50% of Class 8 trucks in the U.S. are ready for electrification

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NACFE (the North American Council on Freight Efficiency) found that 50% of Class 8 regional haulage trucks are ready to be fully electrified today. This is actually a slight downward revision ofNACFE's claims in 2021 that 70% are electrifiable after conducting additional interviews with fleet owners... Not part of subscription