With one year of cash left, NutraLease shifts focus to drug reformulation and discovery

NutraLease has been trying to fly from its nest at Hebrew University for almost 5 years now. It had a typical start-up launch, with a respected academic founder supplying the underlying IP – a method for creating nano-emulsions that offer better solubility, and bio-availability – which can be used f...

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Pear Therapeutics CEO claims Novartis trial of schizophrenia therapeutic was flawed; tensions grow between digital therapeutics and pharma

News Commentary | April 16, 2021

The CEO of Pear Therapeutics is claiming that trial irregularities are causing misleading results regarding the schizophrenia product rolled out last year. While the results of this study are unlikely to change anything for Pear Therapeutics directly, the claimed lack of rigor in the trial speaks to... Not part of subscription

Google-backed Calico and AbbVie announce second extension of a long-standing partnership to tackle aging-related diseases

News Commentary | July 30, 2021

Google‑backed Calico and pharma giant AbbVie are doubling down on tackling aging‑related diseases with this second partnership extension. Twenty early‑stage programs have been developed across oncology and neurodegeneration, with the lead oncology target, which acts at multiple steps in the cancer ... Not part of subscription

Sanofi acquires mRNA therapeutics company Translate Bio for a whopping $3.2 billion

News Commentary | August 04, 2021

Sanofi has faced setbacks in trying to develop vaccines against COVID‑19, with clinical trials demonstrating a failure in triggering an immune response. This buyout of Translate Bio suggests a shift in strategy to push forward a full pipeline of mRNA therapies. This move will cause other pharma ... Not part of subscription