Will niche movie Fuel ignite the masses for biodiesel?

We recently attended a screening of the independent film Fuel, which won the Audience Choice award for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as critical acclaim in The New York Times and other publications. The movie is an autobiographical story of Josh Tickell, who gained notoriet...

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"We weren't trying to greenwash" – the infamous words of another "sustainable" solution gone wrong

News Commentary | April 14, 2021

Innisfree, a Korean brand owned by Amorepacific, was forced to clarify (badly) that its recent "paper bottle" packaging was actually a paper label innovation, and the reference to a paper bottle was misused. The greater issue this example highlights is that once brands are caught greenwashing, it is... To read more, click here.

Meta for Metaverse: Facebook rebrands to take a wild shot at disrupting itself – and reset its negative reputation

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Facing declining growth for core products, as well as a stream of scandals and bad press, Mark Zuckerberg is prepared to bet the farm on his vision for the metaverse, aiming to build a next‑generation platform before others can disrupt his current one. Consumer AR glasses are far from mature and VR ... To read more, click here.

NFTs: Challenges and opportunities

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NFTs: Challenges and opportunities The past year has been all about nonfungible tokens or NFTs. Everything that was NFT‑able was made into an NFT — Ralph lauren’s digital apparel for avatars, NBA’s top shot, Coca Cola’s friendship‑inspired NFTs — the list goes on and on. Even venture capitalists... Not part of subscription