Motorola’s 5-inch CNT-based FED is ready for productization

Last week we have attended the 2007 Nanotechnology Industry Insight Symposium at Columbia University that is organized jointly by Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NSEC) and Science and Technology Ventures (STV). The symposium goal w...

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Big Idea Ventures launches new $125 million fund to commercialize agrifood tech IP from universities

News Commentary | February 01, 2021

The Generation Food Rural Partners (GFRP) fund will focus on founding and investing in agrifood startups within U.S. rural communities (near collaborating universities). Big Idea Ventures will set up five centers co‑located with leading U.S. universities, with North Carolina State University being ... Not part of subscription

Is borophane the new borophene?

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Researchers at Northwestern University exposed borophene (a 2D sheet of boron atoms) to hydrogen to produce a two‑atom‑thick sheet of hydrogen and boron atoms. While it is more complex than borophene, the research group claims borophane is more stable, potentially important for electronics ... Not part of subscription

Researchers unveil OMEGA editing, a new genome-modifying technology

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The MIT and Montana State University research team included Feng Zhang, the noted CRISPR patent holder. The work outlines a new system of RNA‑guided endonucleases that the team calls Obligate Mobile Element Guided Activity (OMEGA) and includes more than 1 million suspected loci for one of OMEGA, ... Not part of subscription